Scientific and Research Work

Scientific research of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation

The department of foreign languages and translation belongs is one of the newly created of the Faculty of History, Political Science and International relations. It takes an active part in the scientific research work of the faculty. At present the department works on the project “Research of the Translation works of the Prominent Ukrainian and foreign writers in the context of cultural interaction”, which resulted in more than 40 articles published.

The scope of scientific interests of the personnel of the department is extremely diverse, and mainly it finds its realization in  conferences and publications. The research work of the department is aimed both at study of the literary works of English and German writers and analysis of their translations, as well as stylistics and comparative literature.

The personnel of the department contributed translations of foreign articles for the world literature department and the Ukrainian  literature department, as well as the Faculty of History, Politology and International Relations, including  “Lessing in Ukraine” by M. Rudnytsky (Semak O.I.) and scientific edition dedicated to the the 400th anniversary of the Skyt of Maniava.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Translation is an active participant of numerous scientific and practical conferences including annual conferences in the fields of linguistics, literature and translation.

In May, 2018, the department  co-organised  the international scientific-practical conference “Text in the media and culture “, which took place on the basis of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical  University of Oil and Gas.

In May, 2019, the department organized and hosted an international scientific-practical conference “Topical problems of linguistics , literature and translation studies”. The participants of the conference discussed the main theoretical and methodological as well as  practical results in the domains of  linguistics , comparative literature,  literature and translation studies. The event was held in order to share and exchange expertise and scientific achievements of the scholars in the field as well as to establish a more profound cooperation with other higher education institutions.