International partnership

International partnership of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation


The international partnership of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation are well established and allow students to attend meetings with politicians, diplomats and representatives of different countries, which are often organized by our university (for example, a meeting with the Norwegian ambassador, the plenipotentiary ambassadors of the Visegrad Four, etc.). Such meetings provide a fertile ground for improving the English language, understanding the problems of the modern world, penetrating other cultures and expanding the worldview of students.

Thanks to cooperation with higher education institutions of other countries, foreign native speakers work at the department. Paul Andrew Vickers, a lecturer from Great Britain, Irene Berlak, a lecturer from Hungary, Thomas Barefoot, a representative of the American Peace Corps, as well as Fulbright participants Sofia Farion and David Grecon, a professor at the University of Eastern Illinois, worked here. Since 2019, the department has successfully been continuing its cooperation with Fulbright fellows and a guest lecturer from Hungary, Dora Domontos.

An important point in the international partnership of the department is the translation practice of the 4th, 5th and 6th year students majoring in “International Relations” at foreign enterprises, joint ventures with Ukrainian and foreign capital, as well as Ukrainian private and public institutions, including regional state administration, Chamber of Commerce, customs, etc. Such practice becomes a valuable experience for students and an opportunity to test their own strengths and knowledge. In addition, students majoring in “International Relations” attended meetings with representatives of the German Student Exchange Service. Thanks to that, a 5th year student won a two-year scholarship to study in the German city of Cologne, which shows the considerable prospects that students have during their studies at the university.

At the cultural and educational level, meetings with foreign artists are held (meeting with German director A. Wittich and watching the film about Alexander Granach “There Goes an Actor”), trips abroad with excursions and visits to museums and galleries, which contributes to the spiritual and cultural enrichment of students .

Teachers of the department also do internships in other countries (Germany, Hungary, etc.), which significantly increases the level of teaching and helps to introduce European standards in the approach to teaching. They also take an active part in scientific activities outside our country, publishing scientific articles and monographs in the world’s leading professional publications, which is an important indicator of international cooperation. In addition, teachers of the department interpret in negotiations not only within the university, but also at the city and regional levels, which confirms their high qualification.