About Us

Foreign Languages and Translation Department was established in 2010.

Head of the Department

Maria R. Tkachivska, associate professor, PhD

Educational activities

The Department provides teaching of the first foreign language (English), the second foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Polish), and the third foreign language (Hungarian) for the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations (specialty International Relations, Public Communication and Regional Studies), as well as English for Specific Purposes (specialties History and Archeology, History, Political Science).  The department’s activity is aimed at highly qualified specialists’ training (Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees) in compliance with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine’s requirements.   Research activity in the department is focused on the common project “The study of translated works of prominent Ukrainian and foreign writers in the context of cultural interaction”, and has resulted in 40 published articles.

The scientific and research objectives of the Department are pursued through the organization of international conferences and seminars and numerous publications.