About the Specialty


Diplomacy is the art of impossible to make possible (Charles Talleyrand)

The benefits of studying at international relations department:

  • two qualifications – political science and international relation expert, translator;
  • learning of two foreign languages (the first one is English, and the additional may be either German, French, Spanish, or Polish)
  • qualified professors and lectors, former and current ambassadors, representatives of Foreign Offices of Ukraine, as well as invited professors from the USA and European countries;
  • interesting events and meetings with foreign and national diplomats;
  • practice at diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad (for the last 10 years students have visited more than 12 countries and have practiced at more than 20 diplomatic establishments);
  • comfortable learning conditions;
  • one semester of free training at a Polish University;
  • the Warsaw University diploma within the cooperation agreement of Warsaw and Precarpathian University;
  • translation practice.

Admission Requirements

  1. ZNO (External Independent Evaluation) in Ukrainian language and literature;
  2. ZNO (External Independent Evaluation) in Foreign language;
  3. ZNO (External Independent Evaluation) in History of Ukraine or Geography


Employment opportunities for graduates of the specialty 291 “International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies”.

What are you after graduating?

  • expert in the centers of political analysis;
  • analyst and specialist in the field of public administration and local self-government, as well as in non-governmental institutions;
  • political adviser;
  • specialist in contacts with foreign institutions, organizations;
  • specialist in diplomacy;
  • a journalist who writes about current world events in the media – press, radio and television.

Where can you work at?

  • international and national organizations and institutions cooperating with foreign establishments;
  • enterprises working at international markets; institutions and enterprises connected with international trade;
  • international organizations and institutions;
  • public administration institutions embracing foreign economic policy, mainly united territorial community;
  • research and expert centers dealing with international relations.

Internationalist is the name of a graduate of International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies. It is a person with profound knowledge of the world and changes taking place in it, which can be used as an asset in any professional activity.